Who We Are

Spokane Business Attorneys was founded on the idea that business owners should have fun running their business and that happy business owners make more money and enjoy life more fully.

We believe that happy business owners provide a better workplace for their employees. We believe that happy employees provide a better experience for clients. We believe that happy clients make a business successful and profitable. We believe that the decisions that you make today have an impact on the legacy that you leave for your family and your community.

The underlying philosophy of Spokane Business Attorneys is that there is a better way to do business.

This law firm was started because our founding attorney, Christal Lam, saw problems in the way that law firms were run and legal services were delivered. Christal wanted to do things a better way. She also wanted to be the decision maker and have the freedom to craft her own path. Many of our clients started their own business for a similar reason. They were working for companies and they didn’t agree with how those companies were being run. They wanted to build a business that served their employees, paid people what they were worth, treated customers well, and made a good profit. Spokane Business Attorneys collaborates with ambitious business owners to spark joy in their lives as they start, build, and sell a profitable business.


We believe that you can make your own opportunities and create a better future.

One way that Spokane Business Attorneys is different is that we approach businesses from a business owner perspective.

We understand how business works and moves. You need to work with a law firm that understands business. If your law firm only understands the law, they aren’t providing enough value to you. It is imperative that your law firm knows how your business works. If they don’t take an interest in your business model, ideal client, your marketing and customer acquisition, or financial metrics, how can they really serve your needs and point out problems coming down the pipe? If your attorney has never asked you about these topics, then maybe you need another law firm.

We are not the cheapest law firm in town. That is intentional. We strive to provide great value to our clients and we know that it costs more to deliver higher quality service. The clients we work with believe that we are worth it and we have many happy repeat clients.

We want to work with ambitious clients who want to leave a legacy. Our mission is to be more than just attorneys and practicing law, we want our work to leave a bigger impact on the world.

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