We help small business owners have

more fun, make more money,

and stay out of trouble.

We help small business owners have

more fun, make more money,

and stay out of trouble.



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Spokane Business Attorneys is a different type of law firm.

Spokane Business Attorneys was founded on the idea that business owners should have fun running their business and that happy business owners make more money and enjoy life more fully.

We take a fresh, modern approach to business and law. SBA is a business that happens to sell legal services.

Spokane Business Attorneys helps business owners run their business the right way. So, you can love going to work and know that you’re building your future and legacy on a solid foundation.

No matter what stage of the journey you are in, SBA can help.

What stage of the business journey are you in?

I’m ready to start the

You have a great idea, you’ve been sitting on it for a while and feel like now is the time to act. But then, you start to have some doubts. Can I really do this? Should I bring in business partners? How can I share my ideas with someone but not have my ideas be stolen? How do I even start a business?

If that sounds like you, you could be a great fit for our Start program.

I’m ready to take on the next level of success.

Your business is up and running. You’ve seen some success. But, as much as you enjoy your work, you’re tired. You’ve been working really hard. But, you keep running into a wall and can’t break into that next level.

Build could be a great program to help revitalize you and your business.

I’m ready to
move on.

It’s time to sell your business. You know it, your spouse knows it, your kids know it. But how do you actually sell the business and make sure you get a great price for the investment you’ve made over the years? Ensuring your business is sellable and having an exit plan is the first place to begin. Then, you want to make sure you’re increasing value in the business, getting the finances in order, organizing the business for a transition to a new owner, and finding the right buyer. An ideal selling process can take many years in order to get the business ready for a smooth transition.

Meet Christal S. Lam,
Founder and Managing Attorney

Christal believes business owners should have fun running their business. As the owner of Spokane Business Attorneys, she’s applied this philosophy to her own law firm.

By approaching the law and her clients with the heart of a teacher, Christal makes her clients feel comfortable. She takes the time to sit down with clients, understand their situation and goals, and craft a plan with creative solutions to move them towards their goals. Her desire to find answers, solve problems, and get results makes her an attorney who gets things done.


Happy clients.

“Easy to work with, knowledgeable, and a reasonable price.”

I hired Christal to write a business to business contract. She understood exactly what was needed, was fast responding and I feel it was a reasonable price. I feel like she had my best interest in mind and I would recommend her.


“Amazing experience!”

Christal was absolutely amazing. Her office kept me posted throughout the process and was incredibly professional with the whole experience. Everything was very timely and I couldn’t ask for more. I will be recommending anyone I know to utilize her services. She is a true asset to all consumers.


“Thought-provoking, Informative, Detailed.”

Christal helped me with several business contracts to address a variety of situations. She asked a lot of thought-provoking questions to ensure the contracts were catered to the specific need and she represented the style of my business accurately. Christal brought up things I would have never thought of. I would definitely recommend her to any business owner!


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