Building a Business.

Now that your business is up and running, you know you could do more. You could be more organized, more productive, help more people, have more fun, and make more money. You’re ready to get a handle on your business. You know there’s so much information out there that you should know but you’ve never gotten around to learning it.

Build can teach you the business concepts and ideas you need to grow your business.

And, we can help you implement (and keep you accountable for) all the actions you need to take so you can see great growth in your business. There are many pieces that go into running a successful business. So we work with business owners to make sure they are protected. Below is a list of areas that we can help you with.


Businesses have many contracts that must be reviewed and managed. We can help with a variety of contracts such as:

  • Employee Contracts (yes you do need them!)
  • Client/Customer Contracts (yes, you need these too!)
  • Vendor Contracts, if you have suppliers you should have a contract with them
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Leases
    • If you’re moving in, make sure your lease says what you think it says or we can help negotiate to get more favorable terms for you
    • If you want to move out, we may be able to help get you out of your lease

Quality employees are a necessary part of building a business the right way. Support, manage, and incentivize your employees the right way.

  • Executive employment agreements
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Employee handbooks and policies and procedures
  • Employee contracts
Growth and Scalability

A business show be able to grow and scale in order to make more money and make the business owner’s life easier. We help you organize and manage your business.

  • Business consulting
  • Create systems, policies, and procedures
  • Assist with marketing ideas
Intellectual Property

You’ve worked hard to create your ideas, products, processes, and art. Confidently protect them. We can help you protect your hard work or refer you out to a great attorney.

  • trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Patents

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